ARDILA VEELA Hot Tub Scum Absorber Reusable 2 Pack, Dolphin Hot Tub Accessories, Hot Tub Oil Absorbing Sponge Price:  $29.99 (as of 12/05/2023 15:47 PST- Details)

Reusable Set of 2 Scum Bug – Hot Tub Scum Absorber is a reusable spa and pool cleaner that provides a cost-effective solution to hot tub cleaner maintenance. 3D mesh material. Size 12.2×9.3 inches.
Keep Your Spa Clean – pool oil absorbing sponge helps to eliminate scums that form in swimming pools, hot tubs, jetted tubs, and spas, preventing the formation of a scum line.
Effective Spa Sponges For Hottub – oil absorbing sponges for pools don’t stain water gray, are easy to use, providing a hassle-free solution for hot tub. Gray lanyard with 1.97″ suction cup attached.