BubbyShine Hot Tub Scum Absorber for Spa Hot Tub, Hot Tub Accessories for Adults, Hot Tub Cleaning Kit, Hot Tub Cleaner for Inside Surface, Hot Tub Sponge for Scum, Spa Accessories for Hot Tub Filter

Amazon.com Price:  $29.99 (as of 11/05/2023 12:13 PST- Details)

REMOVE BODY OILS FROM HOT TUB – The BubbyShine Hot Tub cleaning kit will help keep your Hot Tub water looking great. Use the durable 3D Mesh hot tub sponge to soak up oils while the Hot Tub is not in use or is on cleaning cycle. Your spa filter will thank you for keeping the oils out of your Hot Tub. The floating Sunshine acts as a scum sponge for hot tub to keep your spa clean! High Quality spa accessories for hot tub. The Scum Absorber for spa hot tub cleaner will make your Hot Tub shine 🙂
EASY TO USE – Very easy to use ! Just place Sunshine in your Hot Tub / Outdoor Spa Tub when not in use or even better, you can leave in while Hot Tub in on cleaning cylce to soak up unwanted body oils & debris. BubbyShine’s Sunshine is like an automatic hot tub cleaner working to keep your tub clean. Just close your hot tub cover and let it go to work 🙂 Repeat for a Super clean Hot Tub ! It’s very important to keep your Sunshine hot tub scum preventer clean by rinsing them every few days.
EASY TO CLEAN – The Sunshine scum absorber is very easy to clean ! Just rinse with cold water every few uses or wash on the delicate cold cycle in washing machine. Repeat every couple of uses to keep your hot tub oil free ! The durable 3D Mesh oil absorbing sponge for hot tub material is Washable / Reusable and made to last! You can place it back in your hot tub wet or let sit on your hot tub steps to dry off.** Please Remember To Not Put The Sunshine In The Dryer, Please Air Dry **