CosySpa Hot Tub Comfort Sets – Drinks Holder & 2 Head Rest Pillows | Weatherproof PU Foam Hot Tub Spa Accessory Kit | Inflatable & Solid Hot Tub Accessories (Duluxe (Rigid Foam)) Price: $101.99 (as of 11/05/2023 12:16 PST- Details)

OPTIMUM COMFORT – Due to the moulded design of these premium head rests, users will be able to enjoy improved comfort during hot tub relaxation. This deluxe comfort pack is comprised of 2 premium headrests & a drinks holder that has been designed to provide complete stability to beverages.
PREMIUM COMPOSITION – Manufactured from PU foam & TPU material for added durability and neck support, these luxury hot tub head rest will offer an exceptional cushioned surface for users.
WATER RESISTANT – The CosySpa Comfort Set has been produced to be exceedingly waterproof to prevent water related damage after prolonged exposure.