Hot Tub Defoamer – Pool, Fountain, & Spa – Antifoam Concentrate – Silicone Emulsion – Quickly Removes & Prevents Foam in Water – Eco Friendly & Safe Formula – No Harsh Chemicals – 1/2 Gallon (64 oz.) Price: $22.95 (as of 11/05/2023 12:13 PST- Details)

RELIABLE, VERSATILE, & COST-EFFECTIVE FOAM CONTROL: Use Bastion’s Defoamer for pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, and waterfalls, to finally and fully clear away pesky foam and suds from your water, leaving sparkling clear results. Comprising defoaming and anti-foaming properties, this formula takes care of all your foam needs, extending the duration of its results and giving you more time to relax.
FAST ACTING & EASY TO USE: Bastion’s powerful, professional-grade formula starts working instantly, cutting through foam and preventing future buildup. Super easy to use, simply pour in the recommended amount and watch the magic happen- Foam-free, crystal-clear water awaits!
NO OILY RESIDUE, NO CLOUDY WATER: Made with a silicone emulsion formula, Bastion’s concentrated defoamer completely and effectively eliminates foam, suds, and bubbles, without leaving behind an oily residue or water that’s milky or cloudy. Enjoy foamless water without compromise.