Pomeade Hot Tub Mineral Sanitize Sun Purity Mineral Spa Sanitizer Suitable for Sundance Spas Filter, Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge for Hot Tub Last for 4 Months Treats, Healthy Cleaning

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【Powerful Filtration System】Sun purity mineral spa sanitizer will bring you clean, crystal clear spa water without high concentration of chemicals. The mineral sanitizer cartridge contains silver and activated carbon filter particles, which can continuously and effectively improve the water quality, effectively remove the unpleasant smell and residue, and bring you a comfortable spa experience.
【Widely Used】The hot tub mineral sanitizer can handle 500 gallons/2000 liters of hot springs and hot tubs. The sun purity mineral spa sanitizer is applicable to most hot tub brands such as sundance spa. The hot tub mineral cartridge is usually a small slot installed on the flow door of the filter.
【High Quality Material】The hot tub mineral sanitizer is made of high quality ABS material, which is strong and durable. The mineral sanitizer cartridge is designed with activated carbon, which can remove odor and impurities in the water in a clean and environmentally friendly state, making your hot tub cleaner and enjoying the spa experience at ease.